Stillness can invite us to see who we really are.  Wellness springs from the basic nature of all life.  Holding each person in the highest personal regard is the hallmark and essential foundation for each Zero Balancing® session. It is an expression of how to move through every situation in life, every day - treating everyone (including ourselves) with love and respect, understanding and compassion.

When you feel grounded and balanced within yourself you can more clearly focus on your hopes and dreams. Only then is true transformation possible. 

Zero Balancing® may also help

  • Symptoms from blocked or excessive energy (headaches, backaches, fatigue, depression)
  • Problems related to stress (tension, insomnia, nervousness)
  • Increase capacity for enjoyment of daily life (relationships and attitudes)
  • Create inner quiet and gain self-understanding (clear your mind, gain insight, align with your basic values)
  • Improve the quality of life (more relaxed, invigorated, contentment, feeling of well-being)

The protocol of Zero Balancing® (ZB)

ZB begins with a seated evaluation of your current state of health and reasons you seek treatment. Then you will lie on your back, fully clothed, on a massage table. An assessment of your body tension held in the bones, joints and skeletal structure is completed. Then your practitioner will place gentle finger pressure (fulcrums) into foundation areas including the spine, hips, feet and neck to release held tension.  This invitation to move energy facilitates dissolution of limiting and uncomfortable patterns of all kinds thereby releasing the client's own energy back into them.

The protocol helps to clear blocks in the body’s energy flow, amplify vitality and contribute to better postural alignment.  A typical ZB session is refreshing and deeply relaxing, taking 30 - 40 minutes, and reestablishes one's sense of comfort with life. Shifts often continue up to three days after a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Zero Balancing® develop? 

Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D. is the originator of Zero Balancing®. In pursuing a deeper understanding of health and illness he studied many alternative healing modalities to supplement his knowledge as an Osteopath.  He observed that the human being is both an energy body and a structural body. Dr. Smith said "True health is more than the absence of symptoms; it must include the capacity for contentment in life as it unfolds."  Dr. Smith has taught Zero Balancing® internationally since 1973 to thousands of practitioners. He is the author of Inner Bridges: A guide to Energy Movement and Body Structure and Alchemy of Touch.

How might I benefit from ZB?

Aligning energy with structure enhances the body's natural healing processes and supports optimum health.  Zero Balancing® is a primary health maintenance system. Regular sessions release stress and tension within the body and the mind, relieves symptoms caused by energetic or structure imbalance, and encourages integration and stabilization.

How is Zero Balancing different from other modalities?

Some bodywork, such as massage, Rolfing and chiropractic, focuses primarily on improving the function of the physical body. Other modalities, such as acupuncture, Reiki and Polarity Therapy, work to enhance body energy. A Zero Balancing practitioner consciously and actively engages BOTH body energy and body structure simultaneously – bringing them into balance within themselves and with one another. The result is greater than the sum of the parts, enabling the person on the table to feel engaged on the levels of body, mind and spirit. Often, with Zero Balancing, both energy and physical function improve dramatically.