the time to plan your next vacation is NOW!


                        the time to plan your next vacation is NOW!

According to a report for the U.S. Travel Associations, Americans are taking less vacation time than at any point in nearly 40 years.  About 400 million (yes! million) days go unused every year in the United States. A survey I recently read said that 45% of people would rather travel with friends (only 34% actually do), and 66% travel with their spouse/significant other.   Maybe like me, you got a wake up call and are realized life is too short to not go on adventures with people we enjoy.

The perfect answer is to look for getaways closer to home. Call your friend, cousin, brother, sister, neighbor - ask them if they are ready for an escape to the mountains or the lake. Sure, take your spouse/significant other with you if you would like. Our vacation properties are selected for their location, their comfort, and their ability to provide a place for family and friends to explore, play, relax and build memories. We take into account that many of us need to stay connected to work and family, we provide you Wi-Fi access or you can turn it all off and immerse yourself in nature.

Our little portfolio of properties gives us personal satisfaction and has provided almost 1000 nights for our guests to enjoy a great place for their exploration and adventures.  We think in terms of executing with operational efficiency and providing value to our guests.  As a result we consult with others who are considering investing in a vacation property to help them determine if they are ready to seek out a property and determine the potential to yield a profit or simply pay for itself. 

Our Black Canyon Chalet in Estes Park, Colorado.  Learn a little bit of the story of how this little gem ended up as my first vacation property.

Our Lakefront Escape in Greenwood Lake, New York. The result of a three years search added this Italian style villa to our portfolio.

Have you ever considered investing in a vacation rental property?

There is more to the equation than just the real estate transaction.  With our experience we can help you set a strategy for owning your own vacation rental property.  We start with a complimentary assessment of your requirements and desires and determine if this is an adventure you should consider taking.  If it is the right strategy for you we can be your travel guide to the destination of owning your own revenue producing vacation escape.  Simply click on the Contact Us to start the conversation.