I felt renewed, centered and relaxed afterwards. You are a caring, giving person with a loving touch. I felt all that during and after the session.
— Gail
After working with Jolene I feel like Dorothy in Oz, when she realized she always had the power to achieve her dreams, she needed someone to help her see it for herself.
— Kat
You’ve been a strong supporter over your three years on the Hep C Board and instrumental in our new direction as the Liver Connection. We appreciate all the contributions that you have made to make us the regional leader that we are.
— Nancy Steinfurth, Executive Director
. . . as I drove away from our session I actually felt a surge of happiness. Something definitely balanced. Thank you
— Donna
You are very easy to talk to. You clearly and concisely helped me coordinate and assess my current life course, and help me discover what direction I truly wanted, and how to achieve it. You have phenomenally helped to transformed my thought processes in a very loving and enlightening way. You are truly inspirational!
— Colleen
I have seen your ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people. You have volunteered to take on difficult tasks, and been a catalyst to find creative, community-building solutions. Your enthusiasm for helping others discover and apply their gifts is a blessing.
— Steve
I feel that I finally have an advocate on my side. Thank you for understanding and guiding my journey of change.
— Cheryl
Jolene is very intuitive and perceptive in relation to both structure and energy. The entire treatment left me feeling grounded and energized.
— Terry
I have never had the opportunity to talk to anyone so concisely about my values. Through this process, I have realized and learned things that I did not know about myself before, it was an excellent self-discovery exercise! I respect you for your genuine heart in helping me succeed and live a better and fuller life.
— Dorothy
You have helped me become more successful by helping me develop new solutions and remove roadblocks. Your support in my personal life has enabled me to persevere and endure things I never thought possible.
— Becky
Exhilarating Joy! This was very supportive for changes that I have been focused on for awhile now. Things began shifting for the better after our session.
— Karen