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Learn and Live At Your Best Playbook: Being a systems thinker I have taken what I learned and put them into a format that moves a person to discover more about themselves and to take action. These are the resources that guided me to wellness and wholeness and continuously improve my life. What makes the difference is not necessarily the content but choosing the right module when you are ready to make a play to live at your best.  These are affectionately called 'lessons from my playbook'.

Some examples of the works include:

Meet the true you -  This is a foundation lesson that guides you through an adventure into you.  A wellness journey that begins with this foundation allows you to be clear on how feelings affect behavior and how behaviors can affect feelings. From this lesson you choose what feelings you want in your life every day and creates tangible actions to shift from responding to emotions to choosing feelings that support you which changes how you interface with yourself and others. 

The Wellness Process - We all go through the grieving process when we receive a health diagnosis or experience a trauma. We get support on how to deal with the situation from well meaning friends and many times medical experts.  This is a wellness process that guides you to make choices on how to interact with this unwelcome intruder, event, or history, from a state of wellness - not a state of grief or illness.

The Eight Elements of Wellness - To strive to achieve wholeness and wellness can feel like a full time job.  For many of us that is because we direct all our resources in one or two places in our lives and something else goes out of whack.  Did you know there are actually eight elements of wellness that need to be in balance?

Leaving room in the margins - When reading a book the white space is refreshing, and it helps prevent readers from losing their place when they look away from the text momentarily. This simple to apply resource provides you 5 areas where we typically get distracted and often derail our progress. Leaving room in the margins gives you breathing room in your day while you still get the right things done.