The next adventure began when I was ready to fulfill another dream of mine; to own a business with my son. We had been looking for a property to buy together for over three years. One that would help us achieve some of our personal goals. He lives in Manhattan and I live just North of Denver. I wanted to find a place that I could spend longer than three days in the city with him.  He and his girlfriend love to hike and explore nature, they wanted a place that would give them an escape from the city.  We all love being on the water. One day they were exploring Bear Mountain State Park and happened upon the village of Greenwood Lake. NY.  I soon flew out and we began looking at properties.

Once again we used the same pro forma to consider this property and since there was more risk to consider and lots of improvements and much more maintenance required for the property we built project plans and checklists to guide our decisions and set our priorities for our finances and our time and our partnership agreements.  The initial response from our circle of friends and support from our family has been amazing!

Our Lakefront Escape in Greenwood Lake, New York is the result of that adventure. We booked our first guest within 48 hours of posting our property as available. Time will tell but we will apply the same level of careful planning and hospitality for our guests here in Greenwood that we do in Estes Park.