My life and wellness transformation

Get to know me through this video on my wellness adventure titled:  'Who am I now?' View the video here or if you prefer read the story below.

My wellness journey prior to 2015 had an entirely different tone that it does today. I was focused on survival. I would wake up everyday and scan my body and wonder what was happening. Through that journey I experienced that moment when we ask "What if I were to die this year, what have I left undone, unsaid or unchanged?".  I began defining and working my bucket list and meditated to change my thought processes. I learned to give gentle nurturing and unconditional love to my whole being and I lived on faith. I can tell you the experience expands your life beyond anything you ever imagined. You can read about my health journey in the article from Everyday Health Online Magazine.

What changed in 2015? I was cured of the hepatitis C virus that had been threatening my life for over 35 years and I was two years beyond a cancer diagnosis.  I was celebrating these miracles with a friend asked me "Who are you now?" THAT stopped me in my tracks! I live everyday as an adventure with a smile on my face and in a state of wonder of the life around me.  But I had not stopped to ask "Who am I now?".  How had my health journey held me back from fully stepping into life and living at my best, giving my best and thriving in abundance and creativity? 

Being a life and wellness coach and teacher is not my job - it is my life's passion. I have to do this to honor my genius and my journey. However, my life expands when I connect with others and see them shift their way of interfacing with life and allowing themselves to live at their best. This is who I am!

I have credentials and training that help me serve my clients well, but what makes the real difference is when I tap into my own intuition and relate to my clients as the result of having traveled similar terrain. I know the fear, stress, depression, and anger that goes along with struggling with what life throws your way.

I respect that it helps potential clients choose to work with me by knowing my background.  I leverage my corporate experience of systems and methods to create helpful resources and build approaches or strategies to achieve predetermined outcomes. I will never stop reaching out to help people improve their occupational health by shifting their work environment to one that fuels them, not just their pocketbook.  I have a gift of connecting the dots of wellness across all dimensions and I help my clients focus on the elements that will help them break through to unparalleled heights of life satisfaction and open up an adventure of new possibilities.  I believe that shifts happen when you work hard with a lot of play involved. Here are a few credentials too:

Lewis Carroll's Alice Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass have become the reminder for me of childlike wonder and adventure.  Alice reminds me everyday: “I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

If you want to talk, connect with me here.