Getting more of the right things done

Are you someone who sees there is opportunity for more and you want it? 

You know you can get things done, you know people count on you, you have a vision for having a bigger impact.

Do you get buried or lose your way in the doing. A powerful gift you can give yourself is to eliminate noise in your daily schedule.

We can learn a lesson from electrical engineering and communications. In this science the importance of being able to identify the difference between a signal and noise is essential.

A signal is essentially an information carrier. 

With clear signals: decisions can be made, progress can be seen, get from point A to point B, the message is received.

Noise degrades the quality of the signal.

When there is noise: miscommunications, missed queues, missed deadlines, mistakes. 

Get the picture?

One of my favorite executive coaches is David Allen, the author and Master of Getting Things Done. His book and method (GTD) has become one of the most popular tools for leaders who want to get more done. . . . And get more of the right things done.  Check him out!

Know what gets you excited and frame your actions around these things:

  • Checking things off a list of to do's
  • Getting more done and feel like you have more day available
  • Being confident that you will do what you said you would do
  • Knowing your work produced something of value
  • Making decisions quickly because you know what is important

Know what distracts you and eliminate them from your day:

  • Piles of follow ups, phone cards, business cards, and stuff
  • Spending two hours on what should have taken 30 minutes
  • Seeking information and getting lost in the looking
  • Wasting time trying to figure out what really needs to be done
  • Beginning or ending your day overwhelmed and dissatisfied

Leadership begins with leading yourself. 

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All my best!