There is no going back

"It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." - Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll aka Charles L. Dodgson was among other things a mathematician. He was ahead of his time with quantum theories which he expressed in the Alice books.  Alice in Wonderland was written 50 years before Einstein published the theory of relativity. Dodgson presented a world of alternative forms of logic that defied common sense -- or the world of higher dimensions.

My life is ever evolving so what Alice said is true for me. Who am I today?  Someone different than who I was yesterday. You can read stories about my life, my skills and experiences to get to know about my life journey. But you won't know who am I am today.  I will warn you, the road to wellness requires us to leave these stories in the past - simply as stories - not as the way we define who we are or how we live. 

There is more to wellness than our nutritional and exercise habits. Today's life styles increase stress on our bodies, mind and spirit.  Health care professional whose job it is to diagnose and treat illness are beginning to discuss the importance of addressing our emotional health in being able to treat the physical body.  Doctors help us understand our pathology and educate us on the condition and treatment. It is not uncommon to hear doctors talk about mindfulness meditation and other life energy techniques to support healing and wellness.

The reason I am passionate about what I do is because I learned through my health care journey that I needed to be the leader and expert of my own body to achieve wellness. To live at our best we must free ourselves to focus on what is right within us and to connect with the feeling and sensation of wellness. To let go of yesterday and breath in the adventure we are living right now.