Letter of Agreement to live at your best

For many the concept of the Law of attraction is just silly.  I am amazed at the energy that is spent proving that the Law of Attraction is a farce and scientifically unfounded.

Admittedly I am a little turned off by the hoopla that surrounds the secret and the Law of Attraction. This has more to do with those that sell services or products with the 'Law of Attraction' promise than the law itself. Underneath it all there is some amazing wisdom that I am attracted to.

In business when you create a relationship with someone you often begin with a letter of agreement (sometimes called Letter of Intent).  This can turn into a binding contract but we don't want to get distracted by legal aspects of the agreement. This letter of agreement helps both parties get on the same page in regard to the relationship. As I was learning more about the Law of Attraction and jotting down the steps to affect an outcome I realized that I was really forming a letter of agreement with myself.

What does a Letter of Agreement for Living At Your Best look like.

  • Get clear on the vision and concept that you want. Ask yourself, can I picture this? Can this be more than a dream or a wish but a clear vision on what I want?
  • Get jazzed about it. Ask yourself, can I get totally excited about the outcome that it raises my energy? Can I carry an intense feeling about the outcome that is greater than the fear of not getting it?
  • Remove doubt. Ask yourself, do you agree you are worthy of this? Do you simply know that this outcome will occur without having to know how it will happen? 
  • Confirm you deserve this. Ask yourself, can you allow this to happen? Can you allow it to come to you? Are you going to open up your arms to welcome it into your life? Do you need to change it up at all or is it just right the way you defined it earlier?
  • Making it so. Ask yourself, do you feel it in your bones? Do you feel a glow of energy because you simply know it is real?
  • Listen. Ask yourself, what is happening now that this is in your life? Are you getting a sense of movement now that you are living with this in your life? Are you taking it in? Are you taking action based on it being present and real? Can you tell that your body language and words you use every day shifted in alignment with this?
  • Let is go. Ask yourself, can you simply bask in the reality that it has happened? You no longer need to focus on it because it IS. Can you stop yourself from testing it, challenging it, or pushing it away? Embrace it, thank it for being present in your life.

Relax and let the details work themselves out for the best of all that it affects.

Congratulations,  you have just completed the most important Letter of Agreement for your life. No need to stop with one agreement.  Be prepared for the next amazing partnership with yourself.