Who do you show up to support?

Motivated by a  free sandwich, the young actor, Suraj Sharma, merely wanted to support his brother who was auditioning for the movie "The Life of Pi.'  Instead, Suraj found himself auditioning for and  securing the lead role, catapulting him to huge success.

David Cook showed up for the American Idol auditions to support his brother who was auditioning.  Similarly to Sharma, David ended up in the middle of the audition and propelled his way to amazing success as the winner of American Idol that year.

These are exceptional and rare stories. They make me wonder if it is easier to show up to support someone else versus showing up for yourself?

As women we feel we need to 'show up' and be fully committed to the role we seek.  This can be scary and frightening. It can be lonely and quite a responsibility to show up in your life - Am I really worth all thatStepping out requires us to trust our gifts and expertise.  We must leave behind junk that doesn't serve us and connect with others who can supplement our strengths. Do we live an authentic life and value our own uniqueness? 

In an article of Psychology today, Ti Cain, a hypnotherapist and life coach explains:

The fear of success is a very unique issue that arises when you are genuinely creating change and moving forward in your life.  The fear of success is very real because the future is real - we're all heading there - and what we imagine for our future has an enormous influence on us...and others.

What are the most important attitudes and behaviors to overcome the FEAR of success?  I call it TRUE GRIT.

  • TRUE - Honest - No apprehension. It is OK to want what you want. 
  • GRIT - Gratitude - Responsibility - Identity - Tenderness
    • Gratitude - Appreciate your gifts and talents and recognize they were meant to be shared.
    • Responsibility - You are first responsible to yourself. When you are at your best you can give your best.
    • Identity - Be solid in who you are and why you do what you do.  Don't let the ups and downs destroy the real you.
    • Tenderness - Be gentle and forgive yourself for blocking progress in the past..

Remember, you have the power!