(B)  Begin

It is hard to go anywhere if you don't know your starting point. A transition can be laced with anxiety that causes us to take actions that distract us or make us want to run and hide. Look at yourself without judgement and through a lens of self-compassion. Lift your head high, know your starting point, then begin again.

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(E)  Explore

Once you calm the storm begin looking at what is happening with a new lens. You are ready to trust yourself again. It is in this freedom that you gain new insights that guide you. It is in this place that you begin to listen differently and breath differently, and act differently.

(S)  Step Out

Every step of your journey from here on out has a different quality.  You begin to hear and see things from a state of wonder. You often hear yourself saying "I never imagined this was possible". You now have room for an abundance of love, laughter and success.


(T)  Truth

Now you are ready to fully show up and speak and live your truth. You have let go of old paradigms and see clearly what influence you have in your world; and the world wants to hear what you have to say and needs what you have to give. You are ready to make the best you visible.